At Millbrook Trail rides we offer a variety of phenomenal services that fulfill any western riding experience you seek. Our most frequent request is for Traditional Trail Rides, giving our riders either an hour or two hours of trail time. We have Specialty Rides as well for those desiring a Western experience beyond Traditional Trail Rides. These Specialty Rides include our Sunset Ride which includes an evening trail ride through the forest, followed a ridge-side bonfire overlooking the beautiful sunset. Our Picnic Ride involves a midday ride through the woods to a relaxing meadow overlooking the Hollenback Creek, and includes the traditional blanket picnic experience.

Custom Ride Experiences

  • Traditional Rides

    Tradition-Ride Millbrook Trail Rides offers the Traditional trail riding experience for people ages 8 and up. One of our experienced guides will lead you and your fellow riders through the beautiful local forest and Sleezer Property. While on the trails you will have a chance to glimpse some of the local wildlife, including the Millbrook Trail Rides beaver family, as well as deer, bald eagles and many more critters. We offer a variety of trail riding experiences tailored to your individual riding skill level, and desired length of time. Currently we offer 1 and 2 hour rides, for $30/person and $50/person respectively. Call or email us today to reserve yourself a ride.
  • Specialty Rides

    Sunset Ride

    Whether looking for a romantic evening with your significant other, a fun family activity, or just to enjoy the scenery this ride is sure to please. This specialty ride begins with a Traditional Trail Ride guided by one of MTR’s experienced guides through the Millbrook Forest Preserves and Sleezer Property. Once the ride is completed, you and your fellow riders enjoy a ridge-top bonfire in the horse pasture while facing the setting sun. As the horses graze in the pasture, you can end the day on the right note while enjoying drinks and good company until the embers burn out. For this experience we charge $45/person for a 1 hour ride plus bonfire, and $60/person for a 2 hour ride plus bonfire. We ask that you bring your own food and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as Millbrook Trail Rides cannot provide these items.

    Picnic Ride

    If you would like to take an extra moment to enjoy nature, what better way than a good ol’ fashioned picnic? For this customized ride, you bring lunch and drinks to be packed up in saddlebags, we will provide a picnic blanket and a guided trail ride out to a patch of prairie grasslands located along the Hollenback creek. From here we will help you set up your picnic area and then leave you to enjoy the natural scenery and food for 30 to 45 minutes. We will return after you’ve finished up your picnic, pack up, saddle up and head back to the barn. For this service we charge $45/person for a 1 hour ride plus 30-45 minute picnic, and $60/person for a 2 hour ride plus picnic time. Food/beverage must be provided by you, and no alcohol is allowed for this experience as we will be riding horses back to the barn after the picnic.
  • Scouting

    Scouts-Painted-Shia Millbrook Trail Rides is fortunate and proud to be able to offer customizable horse experiences to both Boy and Girl Scouts. Both Michael and Meredith are Merit Badge Counselors in Horsemanship for the Boy Scouts of America, and have experience in working with Scouts of various ages and experience levels. For more information on Millbrook Trail Rides Scouting Programs, call or email us!
  • Handheld Rides

    Handheld-RidesAt Millbrook Trail Rides we want everyone to be able to enjoy a safe and exhilarating horseback riding experience. As our age minimum for riding on a guided trail ride is 9 years old, some younger children will not be able to join on those excursions. To remedy this, we offer Handheld Arena Rides for those under the age of 9! This half hour session provides a one-on-one horseback riding experience for children under 9 in a safe, and fun environment. Children will be led by an experienced guide or stable hand in our arena, weaving cones and dodging obstacles. The child will be able to learn the basics of riding, from steering to posture, while enjoying a safe and fun arena experience. For this we charge $20 for half an hour. Call us for more information if your group has a member under the age of 9, and we’ll work it out.
  • Hay Rides

    Looking for a way to get out with a group of friends and/or family to enjoy a scenic view, but not interested in riding horses to do so? We offer beautiful scenic hay rides that will accomplish just that goal. Enjoy crossing creeks and weaving around our property from the comfort of your very own rack of hay bales, while enjoying a refreshing beverage and perhaps some snacks. We require a minimum of 10 people for a hay ride, and charge $10/person. If you’d like to have a bonfire after the ride, just pay an additional fee and we will provide. Call or email us for more information!

MTR Safety Rules

Safety is our top priority at Millbrook Trail Rides as we understand that safety in the barn and around the horses will allow for all to have an enjoyable horse experience. At Millbrook Trail Rides, it is important that our customers, employees, and horses are always treated with respect. In our experience, the following main rules have proven to be effective and have resulted in safe and enjoyable experiences for everyone.

1) Minimum age of 8 for any rides that require independent riding
2) Weight maximum of 270 pounds for riders
3) HELMETS ARE REQUIRED for any person under the age of 18. Any adult that chooses not wear a helmet MUST SIGN the helmet waiver.
4) While MOUNTED OR NEAR the horses, you MUST ALWAYS OBEY YOUR GUIDE. Failure to do so could result in immediate dismounting and return to the barn. Further steps may be taken depending upon the severity of the infraction. When in doubt ask a guide!

Please do us the favor of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their experience at MTR!