All riders must sign the Equestrian Liability Release Form. Click here to download the form.

MTR Safety Rules

Safety is our top priority at Millbrook Trail Rides as we understand that safety in the barn and around the horses will allow for all to have an enjoyable horse experience. At Millbrook Trail Rides, it is important that our customers, employees, and horses are always treated with respect. In our experience, the following main rules have proven to be effective and have resulted in safe and enjoyable experiences for everyone.

1) Minimum age of 8 for any rides that require independent riding
2) Weight maximum of 270 pounds for riders
3) HELMETS ARE REQUIRED for any person under the age of 18. Any adult that chooses not wear a helmet MUST SIGN the helmet waiver.
4) While MOUNTED OR NEAR the horses, you MUST ALWAYS OBEY YOUR GUIDE. Failure to do so could result in immediate dismounting and return to the barn. Further steps may be taken depending upon the severity of the infraction. When in doubt ask a guide!

Please do us the favor of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their experience at MTR!

Cancellation Policy

As Millbrook Trail Rides business is dependent on weather and the health of our livestock, we strive to fulfill all requests for trail rides. However the occasions due arise where rescheduling will be required. Please review our policy below prior to online booking:
MTR Reschedule Policy:
If MTR is forced to reschedule due to inclement weather conditions a full credit towards a rescheduled ride will be applied. A MTR representative will call you within 4 hours to notify you and offer an opportunity to reschedule directly with them at that time.
If unable to contact you, a voicemail will be left when applicable, and a redeemable coupon will be issued via email to your account on record.
Customer Reschedule Policy:
As much as we can't control the weather, we also appreciate that things beyond your control will also arise. In this case, we offer a 24 hr reschedule opportunity for you. Exact amount of riders must be rescheduled to qualify and rescheduled ride time can not be within 24 hours of original time.
Customer Cancellation Policy:
A confirmed booking must be cancelled within 48 hrs of your scheduled ride time to qualify for a full refund.

Traditional Rides

1 Hour Ride
Ready to enjoy our traditional guided rides? Click here!

1 hour trail ride in Millbrook
2 Hour Ride
For those desiring a longer, more scenic ride, then this is the perfect option for you!

Temporarily Unavailable

Specialty Rides

Sunset Rides

1 Hour Sunset Ride
For a more personal experience after your ride, our Sunset Experience will provide a seat next to a bonfire with a view of the sunset.
(Food and beverage to be supplied by you).

1 hour Sunset Ride in Millbrook
2 Hour Sunset Ride
The same personal touch, with a little more saddle time.

Temporarily Unavailable

Picnic Rides

2 Hour Picnic Ride
Looking to break up your ride with a meal? Our Picnic Experience will give you just that!
(Food and Beverage to be supplied by you)

2 hour picnic ride
3 Hour Picnic Ride
The same experience, with a little more saddle time.

Temporarily Unavailable

Other Rides and Services

(Minimum of 10 people)

Millbrook Hay Rides
Handheld Rides
(Rides last 30 min.)

Handheld Rides