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At Millbrook Trail Rides, we provide people of all ages the opportunity to interact with horses. Originating as a Trail Riding Business, we have been expanding into a variety of equestrian-related services. These services include: Scout Programs, Company Outings, Events, and of course Trail Rides!

Established in 2010, Millbrook Trail Rides is a unique business specializing in providing people of all ages the opportunity to interact with horses and enjoy a customized horseback riding adventure. We provide a scenic and memorable trail riding journey through the countryside and neighboring forest preserves where the wildlife is plentiful.

With an abundance trails to choose from of varying skill levels, we ride over Buffalo Ridge; overlooking the 300 hundred acres of our farm. From there we can head down into the pastures through the grazing cattle and ultimately meander into the local forest. While riding through these preserves, you will find yourself totally immersed in untainted natural surroundings with an abundance of local plant and wildlife.